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Welcome to the Flock.

This is Blackbird.

Blackbird Digital, LLC was hatched in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on April 20, 2020 and we’ve been flying high ever since. With a team of highly-effective professionals, Blackbird delivers creative strategy in a way that brings the results flocking in. We’re different and we like to work with people who are different. We partner with companies we believe in - regardless of size.


Our success is your success. At Blackbird, we believe in business transparency and make sure that you as the client know everything that is going on. We do nearly everything in-house with our expert team and trusted local agency partners. You can remain confident that we, and therefore you, are always in control of your project.

Join the flock and soar above the competition.

Image by Alex Jones

I must say, they make everything seem easy! Not only did they provide quality design, but they simplified our website in ways I never thought possible.

Emily B.

North Idaho Building Contractors Association

[Blackbird] sat down and went over my vision for my company, analyzed who I was and put those together in a clean and effective logo! Highly recommended!

Zach D.

Zach Davis Realty Group

Working with Blackbird has been a wonderful experience! Blackbird is thorough, quick, and have great ideas/perspective! Very honest and love to educate on how to keep our business growing!

Kelsey J.

North Idaho Garage Door

Founder & Strategist

Justin Hoffman

Director of Development

Brian Clark

Director of Accounts

Olivia Heisey

Director of Multimedia

Kaden Mathis

SEO/SEM Specialist

Mason Lopez

Art Director

Jon Hayenga

Office Manager

Stefani Hoffman


Max Delsid

Our Process


We start by diving deep into your vision and business objectives, understanding your brand values, key messages, and specific goals. This initial step ensures that our strategy aligns perfectly with what you aim to achieve.


Goals Assessment

Our team undertakes extensive market research and competitive analysis to understand your industry's landscape. We identify key competitors and uncover market trends, positioning your campaign for optimal impact.


Market Research

Based on our insights, we develop a tailored marketing strategy. We brainstorm and conceptualize creative ideas that resonate with your brand and goals, selecting the most effective digital channels and setting clear performance indicators for success.


Strategy Development

The Blackbird team, arranged in a V against a wall mural that says "Midtown Coeur d'Alene"


We regularly analyze campaign data to assess performance, using tools like Google Analytics to understand user behavior and engagement. This allows us to measure our success against the set KPIs accurately.​


Data Interpretation

We incorporate your feedback and user responses, using these insights to make iterative improvements. Whether adjusting content, design, or strategy, our focus is on enhancing campaign performance.



Beyond immediate results, we assess the campaign's long-term impact on your business goals. Our team refines your overall digital marketing strategy based on campaign learnings, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation to the evolving market.





We craft compelling content and design elements specifically tailored to your campaign, ranging from website content to social media posts and email marketing. Everything we create echoes your brand voice and campaign objectives.


Content Creation

Our team integrates the necessary technologies and activates your campaign across the chosen digital platforms. We ensure each platform is fine-tuned for optimal performance and user experience.


Channel Activation

From the outset, we continuously monitor the campaign's performance, keeping you informed every step of the way. We adjust swiftly and efficiently to ensure your campaign's smooth and effective launch.



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