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An Unconventional Approach.

In an increasingly cluttered advertising landscape, unconventional approaches can often make the most significant impact. Guerrilla Marketing is just that – unexpected, engaging, and designed to leave a lasting impression. At Blackbird, we love collaborating with our clients to dream up innovative, outside-the-box Guerrilla Marketing strategies that catch potential customers where they least expect it.

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Your Ideas, Our Expertise.

One of the most exciting parts of Guerrilla Marketing is the conceptualization phase. We love sitting down with our clients, rolling up our sleeves, and letting the ideas flow. With our expertise and your unique understanding of your business, we can dream up the perfect Guerrilla Marketing campaign that perfectly represents your brand.


Guerrilla Marketing is all about using creativity, imagination, and originality instead of a big budget. The goal is to create unique, engaging promotional experiences that capture people's attention and linger in their minds, creating a deep and meaningful connection with your brand.

Unexpected Encounters.

In Guerrilla Marketing, surprise is a key element. We strive to catch potential customers off-guard in their daily routines, embedding your brand in a context where they least expect it. This unexpected encounter not only creates immediate engagement but also a memorable brand experience.

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